Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ShirtsGoneWild Blog Great Info For New Entrepreneur's Step 1 and 2

In opening, I discussed a brief overview for new entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry. In this blog, I will go more in depth, for the succession of things you will need to be organized. It is most important, to have your paperwork all ready. For example, permits, licenses, tax forms, etc. It will be easy to download most of what you need, in order, to be successful. But, just do it. Remember, before you begin spending all kinds of money, keep in mind, Google has a plan. A portion of that plan is you, having a level playing field. The wonderful minds young minds at Google didn't waste any brains cells, trust me. Again, you can email me anytime, you feel it necessary. Any advice I give you, is 100% free. Most of my experience in business life, is from making errors, so you will not. If you are successful, you have made our economy stronger, that benefits all of us. OK, so at this point, you have all your paperwork in order.
Lets discuss your marketing strategy. First, you must organize all of your advertising assets. Break them down into categories, free vs paid. Begin with free, of course. You're an entrepreneur now, saving money is imperative. So, now you have a product and a domain name. Now you need to let the world know you are here. The most effective way to begin, is to work on your SEO. (search engine optimization) In plain English, that is defined as letting the search engines know about your company. So go to Google, Yahoo and add your URL to their search engines. The reason why you utilize them first, is the fact that you cover a huge percentage of the search engine market. always add your URL to them more than once. Search engines always want to know when you have updated your website. This is why you go to places like pingomatic, pingler, or for those updates. Google's bots will be notified. Before you do any of that updating, go to socialmarker, or addthis by Mozilla. If you really want to save time go to onlywire, there submission is automated. I can go into that more in depth, later. Additionally,  Add your URL to directories. It's always suggested to add your category that most fits your business, for example, Shirts, will be listed under clothing or fashion.

Go here for step #3 it is all free anyway.

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