Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fashion & Science

It seems like new high technology is taking over the board rooms in today’s fashion businesses. Shops, email-mail order conglomerates, manufacturers and distributors are finding an ever-growing market for apparel, ranging from non wrinkle dress shirts that will hold a crease all day and night to jackets that are lightweight but hold in bio heat and block wind movement.

"These will become my new work uniform”, said John Kerry of Workplace Mechanics, after being soiled with transmission fluid.

"Clients keep telling us they want more of these products," says Daniel Rossi, VP merchandising for ShirtsGoneWild  of UK based shopping giant specializing in Men’s designer shirts and women’s tops known for their everyday buy 1 get 1 free offers.

They're getting that in a vast many ways:

Many manufacturers such as Malden Mills out of Massachusetts are retailing and wholesaling synthetic fabrics. These wrinkle-free fabrics are the wave of the future. They make over 200 different synthetic materials for fashion mongers. Levi Strauss has even expanded their lines in this growing field of comfort and the “Just put it on” look. Most of these efforts are in place because of the motivation of performance fabrics.

These have come from mainly the outdoor group of purchasing individuals for the need to have strong clothing when rock climbing and other adventurous demanding fun venues. Now we are seeing these meshing with the street clothes of the now crowd.

The mains difference between wrinkle free and no iron fabrics is time. Usually no iron will last bit longer. While the descriptions sound similar, there is a difference. It can be seen in how the shirt looks eight hours after you put it on your body.

Changing the structure of manufacturing is the difference. Wrinkle-free materials are treated before cutting and sewing to give it a cloth that won't wrinkle, but will lose its crease and crisp-looking appearance.

No-iron shirts get cut first then are treated afterwards for a smooth feel and look. They are made to be worn from the dryer, and regain their freshness by spending time on a hangar or line. The idea is easy care clothing. People just want to eliminate dry cleaning. Ask any teenager or 20 something how often they take a trip to the dry cleaners in the neighborhood.

Companies like DuPont are and have been treating clothing with chemicals, but what is different is new green companies such as ShirtsGoneWild offering Bamboo and ahimsa silk treated with a natural glycerin based no-iron treatment. Chemicals derived from natural entities are definitely the way to go. On the other hand, he says. Some companies are offering Nano wrap around which are sprayed onto the clothing. This will maintain the same feel as when it was in its original state. The objective is to be attractive but practical.

Most people nowadays are wash n go types. Business dictates what one need for garb. Most just want to get to their respective hotels and hang everything up and be done with it. The only problem is who can have a budget of $99.95 for a shirt that’s no wrinkle or no iron. Tshirtsgonewild and lands end are the top 2 in this department. Some of their shirts are have spill can travel. Just wipe it off and you’re out the door.

.Many products on today’s market are made from 2.5 layers to 3.0. These are waterproof and have a breathing layer connected to the shell of the main material. What this comes to as an end result is fabric and treatment. This is where the mind of fashion is at this moment in regard to this high-tech fashion in dress and casual wear. Fortunately, there isn’t any limit to advances in technology.

Fashion and Science « ShirtsGoneWild's Blog

Fashion and Science « ShirtsGoneWild's Blog

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Knitting machines

Fabrics today have hand methods or machine manufacturing for creating different fabrics and materials. In this article I will explain the automated method. A knitting machine is a device utilized for creating fabrics in automated fashion.
There are many knitting machines around from the simple kind to high tech and complex machinery. They all produce many types of fabric, whether it is tubular form or flat form. There are labyrinthine byways of modern technology and most is in fact either semi-automated or completely automated. Today patterns can be hand stitched or by electronic cards or by push-buttons and dials. The ultimate reader is the computer today.
The simplest is the spool. This uses a spool and 4 nails to produce fabric in a tubular shape or form. The French called it French corking. These are used for small mats or shag rugs. If you add more nails to this spool you can make apparel . After the cork comes knitting boards and looms, which consist of basically two rows of pins mounted in two parallel rows approximately half an inch to an inch depending on manufacturer. Once you get to mass apparel and garments, it is much faster to use industrial machines with flat beds. These produce rectangular and tubular fabric as needed.
As time moved on in the 20th century, American models used 200-250 latch hook needles for a more refined gauge needle.. A cam box is passed over the bed of needles affecting the needle movements needed to produce each next stitch. Various methods were used; e.g. punch boxes or more high tech needles, which made pathways through the cam box. The needles will knit and the unknitted yarn lies under to be held by the latch hook. This is called a tuck stitch. Once this is done, it is held in place allowing short row shaping. These days it is replaced by computers. Automatic patterning machines are able to knit much faster for Fair Isle patterns. These machines have stitch pattern features as flat weaving or plating. Plating refers to knitting with two threads of yarn that are held so that one is in front of the other strand. Plated effects can be particularly striking in a ribbed fabric. Knit-weaving is a technique in which a separate piece of yarn, often heavier than the knitted fabric, is lifted along and caught between the stitching to give an effect like weaving. With knit-woven fabric, the chapper side is the right side of the fabric. The fine and normal gauge models have the option of a carriage of lace, where stitches can be transferred from one needle to the next. The yarn tergiversates through a tensioning mechanism and down through the weave carriage, which feeds the yarn to the needles as they knit strokes.
These Patterns are the forefront of the fashion industry as we see it today; however we all know how quickly a trend can last. New innovative technologies are here to stay and get more highly advance as time moves into the future.

The Sociology of Fashion

For millennia people have adorned themselves with many types of garb for subliminal communication for indicating prowess, gender, class and wealth. This is a form of endearment to one’s self. It not only embodies clothing, but accessories as well. What we do wear and how it looks on us gives us a sense of Savoir Fair. What role does fashion play in society? This is quite an important question considering some people feel they are slaves to fashion. Fashion makes no promises but it does have a hold over the human race as a rule. The only demand fashion has over us really is prominence and style. Quite frankly one might say conformity is its main role in society. People like to be distinct. Men and women love variety and to aspire. Fashion satisfies our desires in one form or another. It is safe to say fashion gives man satisfaction and the need to succeed in a global frame. It also will facilitate change from transitioning our social status on to different venues we interact in. Fashion prepares our brain function for change in our ways and customary practices. We all have habits and social whims, but we can be resistant to it, which is why fashion gives us some power.  Life would be boring without fashion. Fashion will help our society bridge the gap between conformity and its necessary changes in stature.  Usually people of wealth and power carry these burdens in our generation, but it is the brands which keep a close eye meshing the mediocre to high end society with fashion. People of prestige and upper echelon keep miles away from the simpletons of fashion who will mock them for it.  There is a relationship between classes in our cities through fashion. There is always a pattern which middle class follows upper class people, but with less finances involved. Creativity in shopping for the right fashion ensemble is a must for the middle income individuals, where it is not a problem for higher income. Cost of living is always a factor for the masses of average household income. Some social gatherings such as gambling, prestigious horse races, expensive night clubs and resorts play a role and limit some.  Many people enter into over spending on their net expenditures and realize their means and wants have entered a cul de sac. When its control becomes an issue it supersedes what the pocket can give to one’s life in fashion. Sometimes poor judgment can misinterpret what true fashion is as an end result for the future.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not sure which brand for a men's designer shirt?

In today’s fast paced society, businessmen just don’t have the time to try on tons of shirts to be fashionable. We here at Shirtsgonewild have compiled some fabric fashion hints to make the right decision on what material might work best in the warmer spring and summer months.

There are a few important objectives; one needs to know to look their best. Visual appearance, feel, comfort, and value. All of these elements will give you what you need out to have fashion and style.

Decide whether the look of the shirt should be a print or a solid color. This will depend where you are going and what you are doing. If you are going to lunch on the pier a nice island print would work against the sun reflecting off your mens silk camp shirt. If you are going to the museum or art gallery a solid works much better for blending purposes. One would not want to have a psychedelic print or paisley look while looking at a bright colorful piece of artwork.  Button down shirts will work well for these semi-formal events.

Next up is the feel or texture of the shirt. Don’t be shy when it comes to how a shirt will feel on your body against your skin. Especially in the warmer weather, being as cool as possible is the most important aspect. Ahimsa silk is an amazing peaceful material manufactured in a non violent nature. Made outside the cocoon, Ahimsa silk was created in the nineties. These men’s silk shirts are amazing to the touch and quite honestly supersede the regular silk process. Organic cotton shirts are another wonderful feel to the body. Both can be purchased at finer stores. Linen is absolutely amazing for summer wear however one must remember the wrinkling of the material. It is much better to have a linen-silk mix or linen cotton mix. These can be purchased at ShirtsGoneWild or other fine mens shirts outlets. Wearing a wool or flannel would not be the way to go in the warmer weather even if it does get colder at night. The beauty of cotton silk mix fabrics are the fact that it keeps a person warm or cool depending on the climatic conditions.

Finally, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on men’s designer shirts for opulence. Many boutiques or department stores are charging way too much for high quality shirts and it’s just not necessary. A high quality mens designer shirt should set you back no more than $89-$99 at most. To spend three hundred dollars for an Armani mens polo or dress shirt is just bad decision making. For best deals on authentic mens brand name Italian made shirts shop around. ShirtsGoneWild has many amazing prices and have a buy 1 get 1 free policy and free shipping. This should give you a very good start on purchasing your next men’s casual or dress shirt.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Corporate Clothing and Fashion

Customers don’t make exceptions to the people who need to maintain a clothing wardrobe effect.  When a client decides what they want to wear, they are doing more than simply choosing the garb for their fit and style. The decisions that they make every day about what to wear helps them to positively represent apparel brands and corporate clothing manufacturers and mainstream high end designers.

A conglomerate needs to utilize the amount of attention that they receive from marketing dollars. Corporate apparel such as T-shirts polo’s and even socks and jackets, are an effective way to promote your company clothing manufacturer’s brand name which doesn’t require effort to get it commenced. One can design a corporate shirt line with only a tagline, slogan, or logo that will make your clients and employees look as dressy as they want. Remember people want to be part of a good organization or format.
It is rare that company doesn’t have a unified appearance to make the strong impressions that are needed to establish a corporate fashion manufacturer’s brand recognition that is enduring. If you don’t label your employees clothes when they are making deliveries to someone’s door-step, hosting conventions, and attending fashion or trade shows will only results in a wasting valuable opportunity and dry use of advertising funds. That’s just the way it is.
There are many corporate apparel manufacturers who benefit from their employees being known instantly by the clothing that they have on. Companies shouldn’t pass up this opportunity to distinguish their employees from their surroundings in any industry. Take shirts for example, we all wear shirts, so it would be logical to advertise on them.
When you give your employees clothing that has even minimal ads such as shirt or a T-shirt with your slogan or logo that is prominently embroidered on the front, you are changing your employees into strongmen for advertising. Making sure all the employees have the same or similar clothing makes it easier to pick out of a crowd as well.
Company clothing isn’t just for your employees and you, things such as football caps and jerseys are also great for giving out to potential clients. Including them as freebies during you next large venue, either as gifts for activities or as prizes for participation is usually best.
Shoppers love to receive free stuff. Companies should use consumer love connections to retail and make sure the company gets addition quick publicity that will be generated by the company events that you received back out of your freebies. It won’t matter what type of function or event you should always have extra fashion items and accessories available. That way, this will be an instantaneous reaction of your brand that the consumers that patronize your business will leave a strong hold on your brand name or designer name. Basically burning your brand into their memory is the end result.
There are no any limits to the types of fashion apparel that you can conger up with corporate clothing that is good representation. Small accessories are just as resulting as freebies. Personalized jersey’s or company polo’s work well in summer.  Remember that clothing increases the amount of times people see your brand. Eventually people will know your company just by the signature fashion that is on their bodies such as Fed Ex or Tommy Bahama.