Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Colors 2010

Gloom seems to be theme for the upcoming fall winter mens shirts and fashionable apparel sector. This is not so for all people. One man’s gloom is another man’s no nonsense attitude. Grays brown and lots of charcoal or black is in this year according to the fashion industry executives in New York.
There are blazes of light colors showing up on men’s designer shirts. When it comes to fashion, the designers of mens apparel are always looking to the economy in order to ameliorate a product. The shaded of designers this year was Tony Cohen whose mostly black. Even Luca Luca was gray in prominence.
Judy Licht, who covers news for the Huffington Post, noticed the darker side of flavor said,”Im seeing a gloomy season for the most part.” It appears, the designers are making sure that they are playing it safe this year. “Black sells”, said Joey Jazooz a Men’s Shirt designer from Croatia who was purchased by Shirtsgonewild from New York, was the only European designer, who showed more deep purple and plums, rather than gray. Accent colors were much more prevalent this year than last. Olives and darker green will fill in the gaps for most of the designers this year.
If all goes well next year, we will surely see a new fresh look the following winter. More white will be a factor, and some mention snow as a precursor to the fashion season.
Danny Jones Media/Analyst

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Designers:The Capodetut of The Fashion World

Fashion designers are the creators of billions of clothing items throughout the world. Fashion designers are the ones who make ordinary people into stars and celebrities. They work for apparel wholesalers and manufacturers taking new styles to the runway and the mass market. Usually once or twice a year, we see people in funny, capricious, futuristic and expensive clothes at these American-European events. Some of these fashion designers specialize in men’s ladies or children designs. Some of these designers are working for private clients or are self employed and have non-compete clauses.
Fashion is basically an art dedicated to clothing design of many cultures and social lifestyle of a particular time. Fashion designers have brought much glamour to the variety of much new fabrics and their end use to consumers in the western world.
The Fashion industry really began in the 1900’s , before that it wasn’t much of an industry. During the early part of the 1800’s, fashion was left to seamstresses and well to do mothers. Most of these women were of French descent with little other countries involved in the Fashion industry, other than England.
One can say, designers know they are influential in the global trend setting fashion market. Most fashion designers work for apparel manufacturers sending products to world markets for mass production. Any Brand names, as JoeyJ, the only (Ahimsa silk process) designer for men and women tops. This is a non-violent method of making silk after the worm is outside of the cocoon. These semi-mass production designers are usually owned by a larger conglomerate as Shirtsgonewild, for example. These specialty outlets usually buy out designers and keep the name for quality pieces of garments.
The western world has the majority of designers, however some from other countries in the eastern bloc are bringing their ideas to the table and utilizing the bigger retailers for more market share of their brand. Prada and others are using the same idea to cut a larger piece of the fashion pie.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Retail-Growth Industry in the Middle East

The retail industry is one of the fastest growing areas of business in the Middle East. With astute populous and high income job descriptions, more Europeans and Americans are moving there quickly. Increasing household consumer’s needs and the gargantuan service industry are actuating the economy. Major shopping malls are seeding the Dubai area for good reason. The latest reports from the MERSA suggest, many huge conglomerates are in the UAE, which accounts for 9% of the total Middle East retail purchases.
This report gives pertinent information on the Middle East country by country. Additionally, it will evaluate various perspective of the industry and emphasizes the main issues related to the industry. The research report helps consumers to analyze the opportunities, critical to the success of the retail industry.
Many of the countries involved in this research are Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar.
Some findings of this report are the fact that retail space in Dubai has grown to almost 275% since 2006. Many shopping festivals, like Dubai (Dubai Summer Surprises and Dubai Shopping Festival) and Dubai Duty Free (DDF) is the main entity in the United Arab Emirates’ retail industry, with retail sales in Dubai Duty Free accounting for over 9% of its retail.
The trend of shopping in shopping malls in the Middle East is fast becoming a lifestyle. As far as the west is concerned the exact opposite is taking place. More Western Europeans and American consumers are purchasing online. International brands are prevalent all over the world from east to west. Many designers such as Armani, JoeyJ, and Hugo Boss are targeting the Middle East for their brands. JoeyJ, an Italian-Croatian designer purchased by Tshirtsgonewild in 2009, has seen exports to boutiques in the UAE sell tenfold. It is redundant to think retailers will not be there in the near future.
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