Wednesday, July 7, 2010

American & European Retail Markets are Different

World economies in the past haven't had much cross-over in the retail industry. One increase in America, could mean nothing financially, for the Europeans. But with the new world economy and the technical advances, in visual communications, international banking and the speed of having money available to others, it is now effecting one and other. Once the computer age came about, the world got easier to communicate with. Now a shipment from Italy, can get to the US mainland in four days. Ordering can be done with emailing, or directly through websites. The days of the purchase order in snail mail, are basically over. With this comes a sense of realizing, we are co-dependent on each other. Ordering products, is no longer national, it's international. This is helpful for all involved. Of course, it is known that the USA is a major contributor to most nations in the retail industry. As a country, we order billions from other nations. Some would say, buy USA. If that's the case, we need to get used to the idea of $49 t shirts. For that matter, if it wasn't for the USA, most nations in Europe would be run by their government.This would be a terrible problem, as places like North Korea has found out for themselves. It's seems to be a catch 22 for all parties involved. All we can do, at this point is enjoy what we both have in the retail industry. Working together will continue to show true profit for all of us. The upper management teams on both sides of the ocean, understand, how much we need each other. Our economies have meshed for the better of nationalities and our children and their offspring. The future of our business endeavors, have been put in place for decades to come.