Friday, April 16, 2010

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

California Shirts and The Purchase Process

With California’s weather pattern, it is usually difficult for a professional man to pick a quality shirt to deal with the climatic changes.
We have gotten used to seeing a lot of khaki shorts, and mixed camp shirts, but some are still into the casual polo mens shirts.
Local southern Cali men were asked what they thought would be a fashionable comfortable mens shirt for them to wear.
1. Wool breathes, and was one of the choices by some of the men..
2. Cotton shirts was another choice mentioned, but quality was a factor them and with wrinkling being a pattern with cotton fabric.
3. Designer shirts with relaxed jackets were liked by most men. Some jackets look great for casual wear or a night out, but with work some didn’t go that fashion.
4. Shirts tails, out from under a blazer is a great alternative style for men. It is also acceptable for trendy and social environments throughout the state of California.
5. Poly or cotton poly blends will work as well. However, in the marketplace, they seem to be less than desirable for a man’s savoir faire.
6. Mens fabric of choice seems to be silk, because of the ability to keep you warm in winter, and cool in the summer. Ahimsa (no kill) silk is the type of silk best for mens shirts.
Charles Marino, a local cruise director agreed to be interviewed for this article. Marino has been a fashion lover, for as long as he can remember said “It’s a great venue for marketers, but they don’t get it, that the male of the new, millennium in fact, loves to buy clothes.” He said some of the best designer’s outlets today, for the Southern California male are, who carry JOEYJ, Tommy Bahama and many more, at barely over wholesale cost to the retail public. They also have free shipping with no minimum. Saks Fifth Ave and Nordstrom will also have some variety.
Also keep you shopping eye open for winding down seasons. If you time it right, Shirtsgonewild also offers buy 1 get 1 free or buy any shirt and get a free accessory, such as a tie, handbag, for the wife, even children’s clothes. Check their Anything Goes page when you land on their home page.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tshirtsgonewild acquires JoeyJ Designer

Italian/Croatian designer, JoeyJ has joined one of the internet fastest growing men’s specialty outlet, Shirtsgonewild. Wholesaling retail apparel, to the everyday public. Items can be viewed at:
The online powerhouse, was already a major buying agent of the JoeyJ line, said Vincent Crusha NGM of the Shirtsgonewild brand.
"The Men's Shirt, silk line category, is a 75% revenue for us in 2009" said Mr. Crusha, " having JoeyJ is an intricate part our lines since they instate a no-kill manufacture method, in the silk weaving technique."
"JoeyJ filled the gap, we were looking to void, since they have unprecedented quality in using "mother of Pearl" buttons and double weave threading, on all their camp shirts, giving us the edge in mens fashion in this category. The dying of fabric is also a major factor as well. The hypoallergenic dye utilized is one of a kind, “he continued.
Men's shirts, is by far the Category of 2010, most shirts being bought by men. With increases of revenue by 17%, it's a wise retailing business makeover.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tshirtsgonewild aka Shirtsgonewild has 22% increase in Euro Sales in First Quarter saw an increase in its first quarter earnings of 22% according to its Comptroller Vito Rossi. "We are delighted to announce this increase, especially at a time when we just opened our new UK warehouse, so the timing couldn't be better" said Mr. Rossi, VP of Europe expansion. "Our new line of JOEYJ mens shirts has been a blessing to our sales growth in 2010, the quality of this designer silk mens shirt line is unsurpassed in the industry." he continued.
The online/offline wholesale to retail outlet has experienced phenomenal growth in the past year, where as most retailers were seeing low gains.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shirts for men

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