Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to Buy Men Shirts and What to Look For

Buying quality shirts can be an arduous task. There are many things to look for including, fabric quality, thread quality, stitching, and dye quality. Most of us, just go to a shop, look at it, think nice shirt and buy it. However, if you would like buying a shirt with all these useful characteristics, than, listen up.
When you view a fabric for your shirt,, you must look for fading, first. No lines or a soft look, in one area and a deeper in the other. In plain English make sure it’s all even colored. With cotton thread count is important, with silk, weight is king. The heavier the fabric the better it usually is. Additionally, pull the fabric and feel for a pull in it. With silk especially, this is not good. As far as thread is concerned, pull one of the buttons it should not move. A great quality shirt will have double threading, and must be silk also. If the thread is cotton, it can tear the delicate silk fabric on the button area after a few dry cleanings.
The dye is important because of chemical makeup. If the chemicals used are not high quality running and fading is much more frequent. Some dye companies use solvents like Toluene, which is harsh on fabrics. The best dyes are from Dupont chemicals. 99% of high grade silk shirts use this company, because of its extremely low run rate.
And lastly, always touch your shirt. It should feel soft to the touch.