Thursday, August 25, 2011

Science And Fashion In Today's Marketplace

It seems like new high technology is taking over the board rooms in today’s fashion businesses. Shops, email-mail order conglomerates, manufacturers and distributors are finding an ever-growing market for apparel, ranging from non wrinkle dress shirts that will hold a crease all day and night to jackets that are lightweight but hold in bio heat and block wind movement.

"These will become my new work uniform”, said John Kerry of Workplace Mechanics, after being soiled with transmission fluid.

"Clients keep telling us they want more of these products," says Daniel Rossi, VP merchandising for ShirtsGoneWild  of UK based shopping giant specializing in Men’s designer shirts and women’s tops known for their everyday buy 1 get 1 free offers.

They're getting that in a vast many ways:

Many manufacturers such as Malden Mills out of Massachusetts are retailing and wholesaling synthetic fabrics. These wrinkle-free fabrics are the wave of the future. They make over 200 different synthetic materials for fashion mongers. Levi Strauss has even expanded their lines in this growing field of comfort and the “Just put it on” look. Most of these efforts are in place because of the motivation of performance fabrics.

These have come from mainly the outdoor group of purchasing individuals for the need to have strong clothing when rock climbing and other adventurous demanding fun venues. Now we are seeing these meshing with the street clothes of the now crowd.

The mains difference between wrinkle free and no iron fabrics is time. Usually no iron will last bit longer. While the descriptions sound similar, there is a difference. It can be seen in how the shirt looks eight hours after you put it on your body.

Changing the structure of manufacturing is the difference. Wrinkle-free materials are treated before cutting and sewing to give it a cloth that won't wrinkle, but will lose its crease and crisp-looking appearance.

No-iron shirts get cut first then are treated afterwards for a smooth feel and look. They are made to be worn from the dryer, and regain their freshness by spending time on a hangar or line. The idea is easy care clothing. People just want to eliminate dry cleaning. Ask any teenager or 20 something how often they take a trip to the dry cleaners in the neighborhood.

Companies like DuPont are and have been treating clothing with chemicals, but what is different is new green companies such as ShirtsGoneWild offering Bamboo and ahimsa silk treated with a natural glycerin based no-iron treatment. Chemicals derived from natural entities are definitely the way to go. On the other hand, he says. Some companies are offering Nano wrap around which are sprayed onto the clothing. This will maintain the same feel as when it was in its original state. The objective is to be attractive but practical.

Most people nowadays are wash n go types. Business dictates what one need for garb. Most just want to get to their respective hotels and hang everything up and be done with it. The only problem is who can have a budget of $99.95 for a shirt that’s no wrinkle or no iron. Tshirtsgonewild and lands end are the top 2 in this department. Some of their shirts are have spill can travel. Just wipe it off and you’re out the door.

.Many products on today’s market are made from 2.5 layers to 3.0. These are waterproof and have a breathing layer connected to the shell of the main material. What this comes to as an end result is fabric and treatment. This is where the mind of fashion is at this moment in regard to this high-tech fashion in dress and casual wear. Fortunately, there isn’t any limit to advances in technology.