Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Sociology of Fashion

For millennia people have adorned themselves with many types of garb for subliminal communication for indicating prowess, gender, class and wealth. This is a form of endearment to one’s self. It not only embodies clothing, but accessories as well. What we do wear and how it looks on us gives us a sense of Savoir Fair. What role does fashion play in society? This is quite an important question considering some people feel they are slaves to fashion. Fashion makes no promises but it does have a hold over the human race as a rule. The only demand fashion has over us really is prominence and style. Quite frankly one might say conformity is its main role in society. People like to be distinct. Men and women love variety and to aspire. Fashion satisfies our desires in one form or another. It is safe to say fashion gives man satisfaction and the need to succeed in a global frame. It also will facilitate change from transitioning our social status on to different venues we interact in. Fashion prepares our brain function for change in our ways and customary practices. We all have habits and social whims, but we can be resistant to it, which is why fashion gives us some power.  Life would be boring without fashion. Fashion will help our society bridge the gap between conformity and its necessary changes in stature.  Usually people of wealth and power carry these burdens in our generation, but it is the brands which keep a close eye meshing the mediocre to high end society with fashion. People of prestige and upper echelon keep miles away from the simpletons of fashion who will mock them for it.  There is a relationship between classes in our cities through fashion. There is always a pattern which middle class follows upper class people, but with less finances involved. Creativity in shopping for the right fashion ensemble is a must for the middle income individuals, where it is not a problem for higher income. Cost of living is always a factor for the masses of average household income. Some social gatherings such as gambling, prestigious horse races, expensive night clubs and resorts play a role and limit some.  Many people enter into over spending on their net expenditures and realize their means and wants have entered a cul de sac. When its control becomes an issue it supersedes what the pocket can give to one’s life in fashion. Sometimes poor judgment can misinterpret what true fashion is as an end result for the future.

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