Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Men Like Fashion

Women surely get the attention for fashion in regards to the 2012 fashion season. This year however men will take center stage as well. Color scheme will not be limited to the usual blue and khaki but will extend out to orange and vivid blue. We all know the safest colors are white and camel. This year there will be some crazy color combination though. For vacation and holiday time, Hawaiian prints will be favorites. As last year plaid and stripes will be the “in” print for most men. Even shorts will be prints. ShirtsGoneWild is offering Solid men’s camp shirts with free men’s designer shorts for example.
White and off white shirts are very versatile depending on how you want to look in them. It’s always nice to show that tanned fit body off. Wear it loose or with one side tucked in Mr. Brad Pitt style with a pair of jeans shorts and you look quite differently yet have savoir fair. Droopy over sized trousers are still in for Spring/Summer 2012. This trend appears to be extremely popular with both males and females. For warmer days, seek out a nice pair of designer shorts that is worn with a suit jacket or a T-shirt, with or without suspenders will work.
As far as footwear goes, not to many changes for men or women. Traditional shoes are classy. But if you are not an austere suit dude you can go for a pair of Penney loafers instead, or comfy sandals if you prefer wearing a t-shirt and shorts as daily garb. Neo creepers and rangers are in as well.
Accessories for men will include a nice watch. The higher end, the better. Scarves are in and that hat is always in.
Men are people too you see and whatever the trend we have to be top end as well.