Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue For 2012 Spring Summer

2012 is here now featuring collections with a new vibrant color. Most designers are accepting color because the men in our new global look, are doing so. The shear monotony of monochrome and cement are out. That was last year. Looking ahead to the spring and summer it is rather a conversant color, blue. Yes that is correct the normal everyday color that is a male preference. Tan and khaki colors are history this year.

Canali and Zegna give prime examples of the color blue this year. The designers this year, do not seem to be undercover about it either. Blue is actually a versatile color to work with. Not to mention the fact that this amazing color is mostly men’s favorite in fashion or in any venue. Blue is ubiquitous in nature and appeals to everyone. Blue fits right in everywhere in fashion. You will see it in sports shirts to trousers. Cruise fashion to military. Dress shirts in blue are top sellers in men’s fashion these days.

Men’s tailored shirts in blue hues and suits have undergone change the last ten years. From double breasted to single. Men’s dress shirts are more inconspicuous when it comes to fashion changes. Collars for example are now more spread than pointed. Men’s suits while most are on the dark side are changing up to lighter shades for the spring and summer fashion season. Mixing hues of colors are wonderful for contrast look. Blue slips right in as well for this trendy look.  Yes that is what I said, blue looks good in contrast with itself. Micro, gingham and box patterns should be given a chance. It is definitely a change from the standard white. Toss in a soft blue tie and you’re off to the races. Remember it is not just what you are wearing, rather, what you are wearing it with that will make the finishing statement to how you appear to everyone.

In conclusion, blue is appealing to all. Even to those craving some double doses of blue or the white change over’s.  After all blue is a color not a mood characteristic. 

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