Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why Brands Need To Hear Their Consumers

In 2011 the digital era has brought fashion into a catch up status so fierce that losing sight of what customers needs is. Of course having videos, blogs and social media sites so readily available the basics goals have changed little. The brands and the consumer can both benefit by having human needs and wants. Psychological brain storming in the fashion industry is what it comes down to. The basic idea is how brands and designers fit into the lives of their consumers. Communication is paramount to reach an intimate level with clients.
It is important for designers to be conversant with the simple human necessities so they can develop strategies that help them satisfy the needs of their consumers. Once designers and brands acknowledge that most of consumers interests are not today are wants, but rather historical and traditional needs, we can all move on and ultimately profit.
There is a demand for certain commodities such as food apparel, housing and security to name a few. What most brands need to do is simply figure out why competitors choose one product or service over others. They need to integrate their ideas with the consumer in a genuine manner to get their point across. This is where vlogging, video and social media sites and high end classifieds come into play.  Brand conglomerates have many venues to choose from so it is important and it would be prudent to utilize these methods.
Humans are love and emotional creatures that like to part of something good and organized. This is what makes us human. This is a good viable effect and is why the face book social site and many many others are doing so well in rankings from Google and other search engines. People like to connect to other people. Even the niche sites do well in ranking such as Twitter.
Most brands are now catching on to the social site scene now, but some are still in the slower stages.  Modern times are here and it’s time for the thinking caps to be on.
Humans require a sense of control and power.  Knowledge, Education, self-esteem and achievements are all important components of these elements. People are savvier now that the internet is offering higher education, better communication and overall life experiences.
Because crowd sourcing has made strides consumers understand the power they have attained, and with the interjection of social media this is a strong army of customers which brands need to grasp.  Company’s need to heed these trendy transitions, and help put some of the power into their client’s fingertips.
People like freedom of choice in order to feel independent and safe.  With modernization and democracy has brought about many freedoms, and we are all aware of the many choices available offline as well as online. People like autonomy and want to enjoy their own individuality.  When people are free, they tend to feel better about themselves and others, just look at what is happening in the Middle East.
Fashion brands and others, should nurture and be aware of their customers need for options by providing selection whenever possible.  This means connecting to the potential clients and understanding their needs.  In order to build brand loyalty companies need to integrate their goals with the customers.  Even bringing in consumer engagement will create a sense of loyalty. After all, people want the ability to make choices and pursue the things that make them fulfilled and joyous.
People want and need fun. Even in business. People are at work at jobs everyday playing face book games or from other companies. By nature, people want pleasure and avoid hardship.  Today, it is a fast paced work force and many people like to have leisure time for themselves. At the same time, no matter how old we get, our inner child still likes to play.
This is why media is focusing on it and social networks have caught on. They have figured out it is a basic need. And it certainly is a goal in meetings every Monday morning at most companies in 2011.  This is why we see new games on Facebook and other similar sites.  It’s the reason some overnight successes have some about recently. This is why millions of people embrace these companies and it is important for companies to realize it and take advantage of it while it is out there. Quite frankly, sometimes people just want to have fun and enjoy life.  Entertaining customers is the name of the game for years to come. This will enhance brand-customer relationships and make the retail entities and fashion world a much more fun destination.

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