Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bamboo Its Industry History & Fashion Assets

Bamboo is one of the most incredible plants on our earth today. It is used in a variety of industry settings from construction to fashion. Although basically a simple structured plant, bamboo is stronger than oak and has roots that spread deep and wide in the soil and can be grown from sea level to ten thousand feet in the mountains.
Bamboo has many benefits. It is used in so many industries because of its quick growing ability. All this amazing plant needs is water and sun. Bamboo in the fashion industry feels like silk on your body but it is much stronger and won’t shrink. Caring for it is easy just put it in the washer and dryer or air dry it and you are ready to go. Bamboo also releases 35% more oxygen than its tree counterparts. Bamboo is used for food to feed most of Asia. The Chinese eat two hundred thousand metric tons each year. This plant also feeds many animals from Koala bears to ground hogs. Another environmental effect is the fact that Bamboo holds 2 times the water than trees do and can keep soil to a nutritional maximum.
In the construction industry Bamboo has great history as well. Because of its strength during earthquakes it can withstand many times the shake down of a 7.9 on the Richter scale. The roots spread and thus expansion is widened to maintain an even layer throughout the soil.  Even hardwood furniture is made from Bamboo. Much flooring and Asian style futon couches are made from this wood. This plant can withstand over 50,000 pounds per square inch of pressure which almost as strong as soft steel. You can imagine the strength in your furniture.                                                                                            
Bamboo also has a healing effect. The secretion from the plant called Tabasheer is used to treat pulmonary coughing and asthma. Black Bamboo treats Kidney disease. The root and leaves of Bamboo treat Venereal disease and Cancer.                                                                                 
Finally, in its history, Bamboo can be seen on body armor on the Romans to pool lining during the Thomas Edison age. And although it has amazing uses and a place in our world, it is not perfect. Bamboo is broken down by caustic soda for textile use and fabric conversion. Not the best organic method considering caustic soda is a chemical. In our new days ahead in our wonderful future with this Earth given entity, we will see new natural processes as we have seen in the Silk industry utilizing the Ahimsa process, which allows us to make silk shirts and apparel non-violently. 

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