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Corduroy-Fashion-Material for the Kings

Corduroy is a textile that has twisted fibers and lies parallel to its side from one another to make a pattern. Many designers such as risque JoeyJ uses it much like Twill in his shirt designs.It is basically a form of velvet to a degree. It is extremely durable and is made for pants, shirts and other fashionable clothing. It comes in varied widths known as wales.  This is defined as the number of ridges per inch.  Standards for Corduroy are about 10-12 per inch.

There are three different types of Corduroy:


Corduroy for mens fashion

Standard: 11 wales/inch Fantastic and durable. It has longevity in its fibers. This is used for fashion and comes in a variety of colors.

Pincord/Wale/Needlecord: This is the highest quality and is over 16 wales/inch. This will feel like velvet.  A wonderful softness.

Pigment Dye/printed: This is a process of dying the material. There will be a settling of the color and no two will appear the same. This will give the material much more of an original look. progressive companies much like ShirtsGoneWild has made strides with this material for the 2012 year already on the board for processing at their Italian Couture. New innovative apparel is coming to fruition in the next 12 months by this company and others.

Corduroy By ShirtsGoneWild

Corduroy 16 Wale

Corduroy in some European countries is widely used because of it warmth and the climatic conditions indigenous to that nation. More soft colors for this textile will be in fashion in the coming years and new designers of menswear will be on notice because of rising sales. As in most industries the first on board usually is the leader in the field of fashion. The sales are driven by the end user who has the initial fashion taste once it catches in the minds of many and their ability to feel and touch this fine fabric. Pricing is usually a consideration, however in the new world fashion order this will a small one.

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