Saturday, October 23, 2010

What is Fashion

Too many socialites, fashion is a word defined by change. If you think
about it, this is true. In fact it is usually changing every season.
Even languages and other intangibles don’t change that fast. It might
sound a bit scary for one to think about garb and who will dictate
what is trendy and what is not. In the west glitterati and celebrities
take a step in the front lines of the fashion industry. This usually
is followed by a chain reaction and the public takes a glimpse to see
what will hold water so to speak.
The largest fashion venues are in Milan, New York, Paris, and some
other locations in the USA or Europe. However, there are more new up
and coming events all the time around the globe. The one to watch for
is Croatia. This European country is quietly serenading the fashion
The designers at these shows are usually showing outrageous patterns
and fabrics. This is mainly for the media and designers stick to a
theme. But make no mistake about it, there’s a method behind the
madness. Media outlets also hit these zealous venues hoping to be the
first reporting on a new Armani or Versace outfit or costume. To these
people, it’s an art form and artistic expression is the name of the
There is a downside however. The media and advertisers are usually the
suspect in the social problems we have as well. Many people who do not
have the ideal body type are frowned upon in some fashion sectors. An
illusion is created by the outlets and skinny is in for most. This is
changing for the better. Designer JoeyJ is the only designer focusing
on heavier ladies in the 2011 upcoming season. Lookout, here we go.

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