Thursday, October 14, 2010

Theres Always a Fashion Week Somewhere

One thinks of fashion week as the humongous four in the ever creative
field of fashion. New York, Milan Paris and London. The Places where
monster designers like Lanvin, Fendi and Armani unmask their
collections. This is also the places the larger press publications
show up jumping from between the cities to get the latest scoop.
What most people do not know, is the fact that there are over 140 plus
fashion shows going on during the course of a year. These smaller
venues are more of a training ground of sorts for the smaller
designers to mid range size. From Uzbekistan to Omaha and over to
Kansas and Zagreb, multiple weeks for fashion are going on at any one
time. Even people like Lauren Bush have gotten the designer bug with
her almost two year old designs. Thanks to her Texas is getting some
press time having a show in Houston. Lauren Pierce collection is now
on file on the circuit with her eco fabrics and artisan design.
Then there’s Los Angeles, California. LA is home to many creative
artists. Let’s not forget that Hollywood is close by and the
celebrities must have their front row seats. There’s nothing like a
spectacle in a LA fashion show to bring out the stars. Boutiques love
these build up events to mix with their fellow entrepreneurs in the
business to see who has what that might fancy their tastes.
The primary reason for these venues is simple. Women love to shop.
Over eighty percent of it is done by the females of our ever growing
fashion sector. The upscale ladies attending these shows are usually
sent an invitation as well. Life in the upper echelon in the western
world. We would and cannot be the same without it.

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