Monday, October 11, 2010

Vision is a Retail Website's Best Friend

Vision is another word for marketing in the online retail industry. The customer looks first and what they see is paramount for conversion rates. Once one can get the basics of visual merchandising, the rest is a building on that sentiment. Commonly known in the online apparel industry as OWD-online window dressing-is an intricate part of the websites potential to sell huge numbers of products.  It is always prudent to have more than less in a storefronts landing page. It would be obvious to say that Google is watching, however they do not monitor pictures as content.  In plain English, they prefer text. OM (online merchandising) will differ from separate categories so it is quite important to use a variety of techniques depending what you’re selling.

In the men’s designer shirts category, using many different views for a quality mens shirt would be prudent. With today’s technology it is simple to download flash animation software, although Microsoft’s Power Point is a wonderful tool to have in one’s media kit. Power Point 2010 is the best for most visual effects on a corporate site. It is much like the window shopping of the eighties. Usage of mannequins is still used in downtown boutique window, where the masses walk by and look in to see the latest in mens fashion trends.  Some web merchants are using “fluff” which is a term used by European fashion designers, for using bright flashy colors on the landing page. This can be good for some; however one must be careful making overzealous fashion suggestions in the current marketplace.

Another merchandising fad is economy related. Many larger chains are taking notice of smaller more effective shops to see what’s trending. For example, Shirtsgonewild has many designers yet less of each item. The online retailer has increased sales tenfold over the last twelve months. This is due to the effective structure for controlling items leaving the warehouses. Instead of having 400 of a particular size a stash of 200 of the best selling items are available. Companies like Shirtsgonewild have strict inventory habits, and have more effective employees watching over products moving efficiently from the warehouse.

Finally, it is more likely for corporations to have a complete team for their online purchasing needs, in order to keep the flow of profits. Many CEO’s are keeping close eyes on the turn-around time for most website window merchandising.


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