Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Pond Is A Designers Best Friend

Algae are a weed known to man and live in waterways, swamps and canals. Green algae are pesky for the many industries, such as Fisheries and related companies, simply because the massive amount of oxygen it will consume. But for the most part, Asian countries which are indigenous to algae, might have found an answer in the textile.

China has many factories on the drawing board for the different varieties of algae. These algae are used for a good substitute for fertilizers, and pigments. But the fashion industry will benefit most. Korea, for example is utilizing green algae for silk protein fibers protection. The silk is Larvae is also protein, however the chemical H3 (Helio) makeup is less dense for wrapping, thus becoming weaker. However, with the added algae in micro-form, the silk becomes ten times stronger, which is especially helpful in the Ahimsa silk manufacturing process.

Additionally, Thailand will be using the brown algae, currently being used in shaving creams, cosmetics, and dairy products as a thickening agent. Thailand has different plans for Brown algae. This Asian country will be extracting many properties for color pigmentation and dying of fabrics to replace chemicals now used. An alga converts nitrogen into ammonia which in turn is used for dyes in many materials. This will naturally dye fabric in use today. Although Thailand has a slight lead in this area, China having the largest algae population in the world happens to be at the right place at the right time for this project.

Finally, for nations and corporate competition to have an edge in today’s economic environment, the must keep the technological factor in check as well. The west is counting on these developing countries to participate in many of the source to consumer market endeavors. One thing is for sure retail is counting on them. 

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