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Fabric cleaning for ShirtsGoneWild Customers

Nylon fabric is a wonderful material however it attracts oil so remove the oil stain quickly once it has been

                         stained; do not use an iron or excessive heat from a dryer as it will hamper your efforts; Use warm water and a pre-treater with strong detergent. A dash of baking soda will also help; Dry nylon with the permanent press cycle on your dryer. Do not over dry the item. Additionally, let the cloth hang dry to let the wrinkles fall out.


Spirits:             Nylon - If you are removing red wine from your nylon make sure you blot it first with a cloth. Continue quickly with warm water a small amount of vinegar and detergent for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. After that, rub the material against itself. If you still see wine there, let the material dry then add rubbing alcohol and re wash. Of course apply the alcohol to a cloth then to the stained garment.

                         Silk - Alcohol stains demand immediate attention. Fresh alcohol stains vanish if sponged several times with

                         warm water. If not taken care of immediately, the alcohol stain will turn brown. If your stain has turned brown, dampen it and rub glycerin into it. After a half hour, rinse it off with warm water. For more stubborn alcohol stains, sponge the area with a solution of equal parts denatured alcohol and ammonia. Do not forget to rinse the area thoroughly in warm water when you're finished. 


Gum/Wax:     Most fabrics - Scrape off the rest with a dullish scraper and to finish the job use a damp cloth in cleaning solvent. Freeze the garment in the freezer in a towel or rub the item with an ice cubes until it’s hard


Rust:               Most fabrics - For any type of rust oxalic acid will work. 1 teaspoon mixed with water


Pet Food:          Nylon- Purchase an alkaline pre treater solution.


 Blood:              Most Fabrics – First rinse out with cold water and then wash as usual, if the stain still persist then use hydrogen peroxide (only on white material)

Cotton - With blood you must soak the stain for an hour and a half in cold water or until it turns a brownish color. After that apply a pre stain treater and use a teaspoon of baking soda. If any residual stains remain use ammonia and water 30-1 solution. And of course as an alternate method use peroxide food grade 33% in a water solution 60-1


Ink:                      Most Fabrics – 2 words Hairspray and nail polish remover. Of course wash as normal after wards.


Grease:           Most Fabrics – To remove food and grease stains, apply a cleaning solvent. If the stain persists, dilute a

                         little white vinegar in water and apply it to the stain to remove any leftover color. Finish it with dish washing  liquid and rub again it. Wash as normal.


Makeup:            Most Fabrics – To remove makeup and lipstickgently dab the stain using liquid diluted in dishwashing liquid and water. If the stain fades but does not vanish altogether, continue to gently touch it. When the stain disappears, wash the garment with detergent and distilled water. For lipstick removal, use an oil-based cleaning solvent and let it dry. After gently scraping off the residue, wash the stain off with liquid detergent and a little cold distilled water and a smidgeon of baking soda.

                         Silk - Most makeup stains can be removed in the washing machine, but if you do not want to wash the

                         material, pre-treat the stained area with a spot stain remover and then spray some dry-cleaning liquid on it. If any stain still remains, wipe it with a mixture of denatured alcohol and home based ammonia.


Tea/coffee:    Most Fabrics – The trick to this is very fast clean-up. Soak it in water and bleach for an hour. Next, wash  the garment using detergent and peroxide. Then re-wash as normal.

                               Silk - To remove marks resulting from tea and coffee spills, sponge them with lukewarm water. Next, gently

                         rub a little glycerin into the spot, and let it absorb for at an hour. Rinse the area with Luke warm water. If an oily mark still remains, dange it away with dry-cleaning fluid.


Chocolate:       Most Fabrics – Chocolate and cocoa stain - let it soak in water for three hours, and then wash it in hot

                        water with a strong detergent. If anything is left use hydrogen peroxide 7% and rewash.

                        Silk - If you've found chocolate on your gorgeous silk or Ahimsa silk garb, first scrape off most of it with a

                        smooth edge. Softly brush the area with warm, soapy water and drag an end piece of soap across the stain.

                        If a brown mark remains, sponge it with a solution of equal parts denatured alcohol and household ammonia, 

                        then thoroughly rinse it with warm water. A less stubborn chocolate stain can be removed by spraying it with 

                        dry-cleaning fluids and hydrogen peroxide. Use sodium Meta silicate as a last resort.


Milk:                     Most Fabrics – Milk and ice cream stain - soak it in warm water for 3 hours. Use a dry organic cleaning

                         solvent with 1 tablespoon baking soda. Then Re wash on gentle cycle.


Perfume:        Silk - Alcohol content in the perfume can destroy the color and leave round spots on your clothing or fabric. To fix this problem, apply a few drops of denatured alcohol on a cheesecloth pad and sponge the area from the outside in. This unique technique will restore the shade and the stain will eventually dissipate.


Deodorant:      Silk – Antiperspirants can cause ugly marks on your silk clothes. In order to get rid of stains from               antiperspirants, sponge the area under the arm with 30-1 diluted ammonia.


Perspiration:  Silk - Fresh perspiration stains are acidic and washing can dissolve them. Older stains take an alkaline form, and you'll need to sponge the material with diluted white vinegar to remove such stains. For more stubborn discolorations, apply a mixture of tartar, crushed aspirin, and warm water to the sector. Wait for thirty minutes, and then rinse the area with warm water.

Generic information:

In order to retain the smoothness of the silk and its sheen, stop from doing the following things:

  •   Do not apply any Butyl chemical without testing it on the hidden seam allowance in the beginning.
  •  Avoid using chlorinated laundry products and solutions, as they affect silk fibers.
  •  Do not apply concentrated ammonia. In order to guard the shade of your silk, increase the proportion of water in any ammonia solution.

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