Sunday, July 10, 2011

What To Wear At Nightclubs

How imperative is your fashion that you wear in a nice nightclub? Ignoring the fact, that you won’t even get in the establishment, if you wear incorrect apparel. Wearing the RIGHT clothes can be the difference in you spending the night, stirring up conversation with hotties or being stuck at the bar, as popular as a monk in a disco. Yes, people, it’s really that dire.

The official dress code for most high end nightclubs is listed as stylish attire. Don’t forget stylish to one person is a clown to another. It would be a good cognitive move, to make sure you dress to get received by the doorman with impression, rather than get rejected before you even get in, capische?

It is a good idea not to look like an idiot. So don’t dress like your neighbor ladies and gents. Just because they look Goth doesn’t mean you’re going to a party at a cemetery.

Women should wear comfortable shoes and keep them on all night and not taking them off and holding them in their hands, because of discomfort. Women spend hours applying makeup to look the part and seems silly for one to have the drunk and disorderly look.

Week nights are usually for tourists, but make sure when you go with people, that you don’t match any of your friends. It’s time to stand out. Most of these men will wear long sleeve shirts, folded up and open buttoned shirts. Thin black ties are wonderful for setting you apart from your counterparts. Sports coats go over well on the west coast and Vegas. Whatever you do, don’t look like you’re part of the team.

Most hot spots frown upon t-shirts, and is not a good idea. It does not mean you will not see anyone with one on. Rules are usually bent for known clients, so if you don’t know the door guy, wear a nice jacket and be creative. Dress pants are fine in any club, but you don’t want to look stuffy by any means,Armani and Diesel are good for most clubs. JoeyJ or Tommy Bahama silk shirts are great for the casual relaxed look. Savoir Fair is important at most clubs or nicer upper eschelon pubs.

As I stated before above, jeans are definitely fine to wear and acceptable at most clubs or pubs. Just make sure the jeans are neat and tidy with no sags or have a baggy look.

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