Sunday, July 24, 2011

What To Wear At The Fitness Club

For some, it isn’t just getting up in the early hours of the morning to get on that treadmill, go to Zumba class, practice yoga or hit the weights. No, the real question is “What do I wear?” Being an avid fitness person, I have compiled some good possibilities for your workout garb.
Let’s start with the obvious: T-shirts and pants.
When you exercise, you should wear loose-fitting T-shirts that allow you to move freely. In the summer, wearing lighter color tones will help you keep nice and cool. Dark tones tend to trap light. In the winter this works well. Wear layers when it is chilly outside with hoodies to keep warm.  It is good to wear baseball caps for shade in sunny weather, and wool caps in the winter to keep your head and body warm. Do not wear plastic clothing, as these will keep you too hot and will not let any heat or sweat escape.
Sneakers are extremely important. Make sure they are well made and fit you correctly. Leave 1 inch in front of your toe or half an inch from your longest toe. Use supports or cushioned soles.  If you run a lot get the salesperson in the store to help. They can be knowledgeable. Remember: Wearing the wrong footwear can hurt your feet. 
Socks are also important because they absorb sweat and protect you from blisters. Sprinkling powder or starch is great for shoe odor!  Lastly, if you go snowboarding or bike riding wear a helmet. It's the middle of a year, and most probably people have promised themselves, they will exercise more. Whether you train with weights or are doing a marathon training having the right workout fashion can make it easier to stay committed to an exercise regimen.
Let's go over what not to wear to the gym.  
Do not wear clothes too big or oversized. By default when we know we're going to perspire, is typically to put on the most worn out, relaxed casual clothes we own. That is what some men do. Others more fashion aware, use nice fitting kind of loose apparel.

With women, the first step is to get the best fitting sports bra. The best way to figure it out is to do the jump test. Jump up and down and if your breasts move easily you have the wrong one. Do not forget to change bras as you sculpt your body because it will change as you lose weight. Assess this ever few months. What do you wear over your sports bra? That depends both on what kind of exercise you're doing and on what you are comfortable wearing.  T-shirts are great, as long as they fit; seams should hit at your shoulders from corner to corner, and the hem shouldn’t be longer than your waist. Over sized tees are ok but not parachute fitted tees. Look also for fabrics that absorb moisture, particularly if your gym is hot, or if you are running or walking in hot weather.
Choose pants with enough room to move about in, but don't purchase saggy, sweats. Draw-string or elastic waist yoga pants or jogging suit bottoms work well. They are wonderful for yoga. For Pilates use a slimmer cut, since your toes are facing the ceiling. Always wash and take care of your workout garb. Wash them in cold water and let air dry whenever possible.
This should give you some idea of what is good fashion at a fitness club or gym. The most important factor when working out is your comfort.
Don’t forget that after all - At the end of the day our body is our temple.

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