Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Fast & Curious" JoeyJ Camp Shirt "Ahimsa Silk" |Shirtsgonewild.net

JoeyJ-Fast & Curious

ShirtsGoneWild is proud to present JoeyJ of Italy/Croatia to the Market. All fabric for the JoeyJ Ahimsa silk line is fabricated in Italy and Croatia. JoeyJ embroidered camp shirts are made exclusively in the USA. The fabric is produced in Italy and Croatia because the designer’s Ahimsa farm and climate is conducive for the fabric processing. These high end camp shirts are the best of the best, bar none. From the Ahimsa (woven silk after the full life cycle of the silk worm has completed) and double weaved stitching there is no match for the protein fibers strength anywhere. JoeyJ has been producing shirts since the seventies and is now breaking the US market with the most incredible themed shirts anywhere on our planet.


 If you like Tommy Bahama embroidered camp shirts, all I can say is “you ain’t seen nothing yet”, these JoeyJ silk camp shirts will blow you away. The quality of the silk, natural processing and the mommie (weight) are unmatched by any name brand on the market, and let us not forget it is proudly made in the USA. JoeyJ embroidered Ahimsa silk camp shirts are the only camp shirt of this nature made in America. One would think with all these nuances the pricing would be out of sight, but as usual ShirtsGoneWild has made another spectacular purchase for its clients. Retail on these embroidered themed shirts is $299 anywhere on the internet or at JoeyJ official website.


As an introductory offer, we have negotiated a price of $199 with free shipping as with all of our designer shirts on our site.


Fast & Curious: This 100% Ahimsa silk camp shirt has it all. From the obvious theme to its mobile phone pocket and its dual purpose, pen, or cigar pocket on the arm, it has everything a man needs to succeed and be the center of attraction in more ways than one.


Look for more on the way on our website under the JoeyJ label.

Because of our volume we will be taking orders on our site as well as our retail warehouses. If you are an onsite client, ask the person at our service desk to add you to the list and they will be happy to accommodate your needs.                                                                                

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