Thursday, July 12, 2012

Men's Fashion Botch-Ups

Men in society today are up to date with men's fashion, however there are some who really botch it up. Here ias some help.

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If men want to make a wonderful impression on people or friends you might want to refrain from these botch-ups.

1. Size Botch-ups: Nice fitting trousers are neither too long or short to begin with. They have to cover your socks but do not hit your shoes at the heals like bell bottoms of the disco era.  Cool fitting trousers aren’t tight and don’t bunch at the rear. Kind of easy isn’t it.

2. Shoe Botch-ups: Wear your footwear that is in great condition, tidy, buffed and in good maintenance. The worst case scenario is having the wrong shoes for the wrong outfit.

3. Tie Botch-up: Don’t wear ties that are too long or too short and don’t even match your shirt or jacket. Make the right timing decision on when to even wear a tie for that matter. In plain English, don’t wear a tie to a flea market. Besides looking out of place you will look ridiculous.

4. Accessories Botch-ups: Do not wear a green belt and yellow sunglasses in the shape of a peach.  Besides that would anger Elton John. Make sure the colors coordinate on all accessories.

5. Sock Botch-ups: If you want to blow your savoir fair wear the wrong color socks that are too long or short.  Please no fraying. Let us just say dad won’t invite you back to see his daughter.

6. Dress Shirt Botch-up: If you want to get fired quickly wear a short sleeve shirt and a tie with some bobby socks. I am sure your female boss will give you a promotion. Not. Definitely a no-no.

7. Hairdo Botch-ups: Hairdo’s from Led Zeppelin’s decade or parting your hair towards the middle with a greasy finger from swaying it to the side isn’t very flattering.

8. Grooming Botch-ups: Do not forget personal hygiene such as a daily bath or trimming that goatee. Remember the savoir fair you are portraying when you shave or to have the George Michael look.

9. Ironing Botch-ups: Press your clothing, period. Don’t overdo cleaning or dry cleaning, because women look close, trust me.  

10. Overall Botch up: A combination of all these botch ups to the point of no return.

At the end of the day you will thank me for these obvious but ubiquitous botch-up tips.





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