Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Men's Shoes & Shorts For Warm Weather Fashion

At sunrise during the spring and summer, morning, is often coupled with a man wearing his casual shorts and penny loafers. That’s just wrong. Differentiating between shoes can be somewhat confusing to some guys and easy for others. Whatever the event, it can be a taunting task to match with those jeans or shorts. Geography has quite a lot to do with it. On the west coast it seems to be more casual where as the east coast is more dressy or formal. Within reason on the west coast you can wear shorts to any venue, but on the east coast forget about it. If you’re indifferent it won’t matter, but if you are compulsive about your looks and fashion, you will need to know what is appropriate. I will break this down for you. Follow my lead and this spring and summer you will look wonderful in a pair of shorts. Best Shoes Think of “relaxed” as hanging about on the weekend, shopping or heading to the beach. You’re not trying to impress anyone, but you don’t want to look like a dweeb either. • Buy Reef Flip Flops For Guys: Most flip flops will do, but these are amazingly popular, strong and do not ever disappoint your feet. • Sketchers: You can’t go wrong with Sketchers runners and they will look trendy with any pair of shorts. On the Town – The ultimate men’s shoes “On the town” is defined as any establishment where you need to look respectable, but not formal. Great examples are the summer weekends, a football game with the guys or drinks with your wife or girlfriend. • Tommy Bahama 'Kona' Sneakers for Men: These are perfect because it defines that great Tommy Bahama ambiance of “relax comfort.” The shoes look killer, but are also made from a breathable canvas that will keep you calm cool and collective. • Merrell 'Huron' Slide: Nice, lightweight, durable leather sandals that give you a look of caring about your looks yet are very comfortable. Don’t wear them to work, but great in social venues. Choosing nice shoes This is for looking dressy but you can get away with casual. This won’t work for weddings. • Johnston & Murphy “Amstead” Sandals for Men: Before anything, most notice the capped toe. The high grade leather is just the ultimate out there at the moment. Dress shoes means do not show feet. Live by that rule and you’re ahead of the game. You will be a class looking act, with just the right amount of luxury added. Finally, make is law, that these are it, for dress shoes with a nice pair of shorts. If there’s a style of footwear you’re thinking about such as loafers, formal shoes or boots – the answer is “not.” Shorts give a proper opportunity to look hip or grossly, like a fool. Choose the former, not the latter. Trust me, it is for your benefit and you will thank me later for my advice.

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