Friday, April 1, 2011

Nylon The Most Valued Fabric In Any Industry

Nylon is a thermoplastic material used for many items and combined with heavy duty double treated threads in a vast variety of products throughout the globe. Everything from Fashion to bullet proof vests has the honors of being end products.  Also known as Polyamide, nylon has proven itself to be stronger than most fabrics.                                                                               
First discovered by a DuPont employee as a replacement for silk in WW2, it replaced the silk fibers for parachutes and flak vests. Nylon is now very abundant for a multi-purpose vision many had in mind. Commercial nylon is made simply by combining the chemical threads and melting them into one. Orlon and Dacron are off-shoots of nylon used extensively in the fashion industry. The most popular being Polyester. Everything from shirts to skirts can be seen on many from the disco era of the seventies.
Nylon drastically affected the couture of the French fashion scene. DuPont played a huge role in the industry change. Once the organic fibers became more widely used the nylon material fell a bit off, however many realized other uses for this fantastic fabric. Engineered fibers took hold in the early eighties making competition fierce.
Additionally, the fashion guru’s considered adding polyester to many of the new apparel lines, which added more spice to the industry. New and improved they called it. The fashion houses have made many new modern shirts from the early seventies through the nineties.  Unisex designers made many ruffle dresses and cuffs for the rich and famous as late as 2002.  There are many industries depending on the nylon product for their needs in the current market and will do so for many years to come. More and more end product users have many uses for this valued fabric in more methods of manufacturing than ever before in time.

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