Sunday, March 20, 2011

Polyester and its Fashion Charisma

Polyester fabric became the fashion industry way back in 1941. The many uses of this fabric are still ongoing even today as new technologies come about and are tested with this chemical entity. It is a manmade fiber derived mainly from petroleum. Basically there are 3 steps to its manufacturing and synthesizing.
Condensation polymerization, Melt spun Fiber, and Drawing.
Condensation Polymerization-This is when alcohol and acid are reacted at very high temperatures. After this they are extruded and onto a trough in the form of ribbons or string-like forms. In the end of this process the ribbon is hardened and cooled to be cut into chips.
Melt-spun Fibers-This is where the chips are completely cooled and melted. Cylinders are used to wrap the ribbon around it.
Drawing-At this stage the poly fibers are stretched to reduce the thickness of the ribbons. The beauty of Polyester is the shrinkage and wrinkle percentage is much lower than most fabrics on the market today.
So all this in plain English is chemicals are added to petroleum based fibers and melted stretched into fabric. After this is all done they are cut into long strings for material in apparel and other commodities to be made.
Polyester can be utilized in many industries. Many in the outdoor category love it because of its strength and warmth as for climbers & naturalists. As far as clothing is concerned, polyester is wrinkle resistant and stain resistant, and is very popular for the apparel and fashion industry. One of the most popular uses is for plastic bottles throughout the globe, due to its efficiency and inexpensive cost. Home use is largely apparent by the makers of Mylar. DuPont makes balloons and other home use products with poly mixes.
The uses for this end result material are infinite and should be a desired commodity for many industries throughout the world.                                                                                                        

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