Monday, January 10, 2011

ShirtsGoneWild Fashionista Pick of the New year

In the fashion world heritage does count. And few conglomerates can
set us all strait with men’s fashion as Charvet. When Charvet opened
on the rue de Richelieu in the 1830s it was the world’s first shirt
shop as we know it. Sure women for years in France were tailoring mens
clothes, but not like this company. It’s also no secret that Charvet
has been making clothing for royalty and politicians since the early
nineteenth century. When royalty need a new collar they knew who to go

One can purchase a Charvet at major luxury outlets, but they have only
1 direct corporate shop in Vendome, France. This is truly the men’s
fashion center. Eight floors of mens clothing to touch the silky
smooth clothing. The opulence alone is overwhelming to one walking
inside for the first time. Of course if you’re in Paris, it’s the
thing to do.

The most intimidating vision, would have to be the number of ties
hanging around. One almost feels choked, just walking through and
wondering if the sales people are looking at your tie. It’s like being
in a tunnel full of diamonds. once you chosen a few hundred ties to
buy, fear not the sales force also speaks English. This is one
destination the French don’t “expect” one to speak its native lingo.

After burrowing through the ties, I ventured to its shirt making
facility on the 3rd floor. If you believe legend, Charvet manufactures
four hundred white shades. Who would of thought? The sixth floor has
its Gentlemen s club air about it. Here you can have custom work done
and one can feel special for an hour or so as your pockets get dried
out. After all, it is the tie that makes the man, they say.

By the end of your Charvet tour one thing comes to mind. Did I really
have to spend this much on ties and shirts? Well, you would be
surprised how much their clientele spends there. After all, it’s

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