Thursday, September 30, 2010

The World of Italian Fashion

It is well know that fashion is the most versatile industry in the world today. Fashion exhibits creative minds, lots of visionaries and a future of promise and virtue.  Fashion is also an ever changing industry in different countries. Some are more distinguished than others and are celebrated by waiting fashion enthusiasts for new apparel lines. Most vanguard countries as Italy for example have eyes on them closely.

Italy is a country with many valuable amenities.  Fine art galleries one of the best wines around the globe and much loved foods.  Italy also happens to be known as one of the most romantic countries as well. One of these specialties Italy has happens to be fashion. Men’s designer shirts, ladies blouses and formal wear, even high end suits. It is notable that this European nation has kept to its classic fashion marks as well as coming up with new and modern apparel for men and women.

Additionally, even as Italians are regarded as Industry leaders throughout the world, when it comes to fashion, most Italian men see themselves as the best dressed anyway. Other European countries also feel the same. A study has shown that men from Ireland and the UK have added to this fact. Forty eight percent of total European men agree, Italians are the best dressed in the fashion industry worldwide.

There are some elements for Italy to have this unsurpassed reputation. Italy cherishes its forward approach to fashion, yet keeps its classic look in all styles and facets of garment manufacturing.  Another aspect of mens fashion in Italy is the fit. Most Italian designers have a close fitted look. Men are very aware of their trousers and shirts to fit just right at all corners of a shirt-trouser set. Matching is a must right down to the belt and socks.

Finally, it’s a well known fact; quality of Italian clothing is top notch. So, when one decides to shop for a mens or ladies shirt or any piece of apparel, keep Italy in mind, the rest of the world does.



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